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Voice of TomTom

At TomTom, we’ve absolutely had it with traffic. Hold-up, blockage, impasse, congestion – however you want to dress it up, traffic is a real pain. We launched HD Traffic, the UK’s most accurate and up-to-date traffic service to help you avoid the jams, bottlenecks and queues.

To make the roads a better place we want YOU to become the next voice of TomTom. Just tell us your traffic story and you could join a long line of celebrities including Brian Blessed himself, John Cleese, Billy Connolly and Yoda to be the next voice of TomTom as well as winning a brand new Renault Mégane Coupé Cabriolet with built-in TomTom sat nav.

Watch this video to find out why Brian’s had it with traffic and what he needs you to do:

For your chance to win a New Renault Mégane Coupé Cabriolet and be the next voice of TomTom, tell Brian Blessed your traffic story which must include the following phrases:

TomTom, Traffic, Destination, Va Va Voom

TomTom HD Traffic™ is the only system that monitors all the roads and gives you the quickest route through the traffic. Detailed incident reports about the duration, length and cause of delays on your route means you have all the information you need to enjoy easy, safe and stress-free driving. You can even check the traffic situation on your route before you leave. With TomTom HD Traffic™ in your car, there’s no more sitting in jams and running late!

Remember, be as creative as possible! You can submit your entry in the following ways:

Facebook: Record a 30 second video of yourself telling your traffic story, and post it to the wall of the TomTom Facebook Page. If you have a webcam, you can do this straight from the Facebook wall, by clicking on the video icon underneath the comment box. You’ll have to ‘Like’ the page first.
Image of the wall post dialogue post on facebook

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Twitter: Record a 30 second audio or video clip using a service such as Audioboo or TwitVid and tweet it to @UKTomTom with the hashtag #VoiceOfTomTom. You’ll also need to be following us so we can DM you if you win.

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The winner will be selected by a judging panel and announced on Friday 3rd December.

As well as having their voice recorded for use as a Voice of TomTom, winners will also win a
New Renault Mégane Coupé Cabriolet.